Nigerian Awards


This Division is charged with the responsibility of processing all scholarship awards made to eligible Nigerians studying in all Public Tertiary institutions in the country.

The eligibility criteria for Nigerian Award are as follows:

  • Applicants for Postgraduate studies should possess a minimum of first degree with Second Class Honors Upper Division.
  • For all Undergraduate Scholarship applicants (Physically challenged inclusive) must be in their second year or above and have at least 4.0 Cumulative Grade Points Aggregate (CGPA) on a five (5) grade point scale or its equivalents and 3.5 CGPA for Monotechnics, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education.


The tenure of the scholarship is from one (1) to five (5) academic years, for first degree, Masters and PhD as the case may be, provided the beneficiary maintains the required CGPA and other conditions.


  • The scholarship is tenable in Nigeria and takes effect from the beginning of the academic session.
  • It shall not be held at the same time with another Award and Is NOT FOR PART-TIME STUDENTS.
  • Change of course or Institution is not allowed.


Application forms are completed online as follows:-

  • Complete form online
  • Submit and Print a copy
  • Attach Photocopy of the following documents to the Printed Copy
  • Letter of admission to the institution
  • Current Course Registration
  • Current Identity Card
  • Letter of identification from your State/Local Government
  • Two (2) passport size photographs with your name written at the back and duly signed by you.
  • Printed Copy should be endorsed (signed and stamped) by your HOD or Dean of Faculty of your institution.
  • Come to the Interview Venue with this completed FORM.

Eligible candidates are advised to make only one entry as multiple entries will be rejected

COURSES to be considered for the award are as follows:

  1. Science and Technology
  2. Medicine and Para-medicals
  3. Education
  4. Agriculture
  5. Liberal Arts/Social/Management Sciences
  6. Entrepreneurial studies
  7. ICT
  8. Environmental Sciences
  9. Law

Bilateral Education Agreement

The Overseas Awards division of The Federal Scholarship Board processes and implements scholarship Awards received from and granted to countries with which Nigeria has bilateral educational agreements. These include countries of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The BEA award Division of the Federal Scholarship Board (FSB) handles scholarship awards offered to Nigeria by those countries that signed Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) with Nigeria. Nigeria on the other hand also offers scholarship to some of  these countries.

BEA scholarship awards are for both undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) studies in different fields. The studies are undertaken in the official language of the Awarding Country. Successful candidates must undergo a one year mandatory language course in the host country before the commencement of the main course of study.


Natural Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Information Technology, Medicine and its other related courses, Environmental Science Geology, Agriculture, Petroleum related courses, Social Sciences, Law, International Relations, Languages, Management Courses, Research, e.t.c



  1. University degree with a minimum of Second Class Honours Upper Division
  2. Not more than 35 years of age for Masters an 40 years for PhD at the time of taking up the award.
  3. NYSC or Exemption certificate
  4. Academic Transcript


  1. Candidate must possess A or B grades in at least five relevant subjects including English and Mathematics.
  2. Candidate must be between 18-22 years old
  3. WAEC/NECO (May/June) Certificates obtained at one seating and must not be more than 2 years old at the time of taking up the Award


  • The Board advertises in the national dailies for any available award.
  • Application forms are available online at the following website: which can be filled online or downloaded after advertisement.
  • Duly completed forms are to be submitted at the interview venues
  • The Board advertises in the national dailies for any available award.
  • Application forms are available online at the following website: wjich can be filled online or downloaded after advertisement.
  • Duly completed forms are to be submitted at the interview venues


Algeria (UG), China(PG), Cuba(UG &PG), Egypt(UG), Greece(UG & PG), Hungary (PG & UG) Japan (UG & PG), Macedonia(UG), Mexico(PG),Morocco(UG), Romania(UG), Russia(UG & PG), Serbia(UG & PG), Tunisia(UG), Turkey (UG &. PG), Ukraine (UG), South- Korea (PG), etc


Candidates applying for Undergraduate or postgraduate BEA Scholarship are to attach photocopies of the following to their application forms:-

  • WAEC or NECO Certificate for UGs and Degree Certificates ( L” Degree and/or Masters Degree) for postgraduate (PG) applicants
  • Birth Certificate (National Population Commission)
  • Certificate of State of origin/Local Government
  • Four (4) coloured passport size photographs on a white background,
  • Original Medical Certificates will be required after nomination has been made with Chest x-rav result, HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis Band Tuberculosis Tests from a Teaching Hospital, General Hospital, National Hospital or any Hospital as designated by the Awarding Country.
  • Police Clearance certificate is optional till nomination has been made.
  • Data page of current International Passport (optional) till nomination has been made.

PG applicants are to include :-

  1. Academic Transcript
  2. Research proposal/Plan
  3. Letter of appointment if employed
  4. Confirmation of appointment, and
  5. Willingness of employer to release applicant if successful.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Award of the Overseas Award Division processes Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Awards made to Nigeria and Reciprocal Awards by Nigeria for postgraduate studies tenable in universities in Commonwealth countries.

Click here to apply. You will be redirected to commonwealth scholarship website.
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